For Therapists

Herbal Medicine For Queers

You just know that herbs can help you (or you’re hoping they will). You’ve been interested in herbal medicine for a long time, even googling “herbs for anxiety” or “herbs for PTSD” or “herbs for fatigue”. Though googling herbal remedies has been interesting, it’s not given you relief, and ultimately it’s been confusing!

“Do I take ashwaganda or St. John’s Wort for depression?

Good question! It depends upon your particular constitution.

You’re looking for guidance, for someone who can help you feel better on a physical and a mental-emotional level.

You want to feel seen, safe, and understood without having to explain your gender, your relationships, or your pronouns to your herbalist. You want your herbalist to get that systemic oppression is showing up in your body and mind, and support you to disentangle from it. 

As a Queer, non-binary herbalist, I take special joy in helping other LGBTQ+ folks find relief from long-standing physical and emotional pain. 

My clients often say that they feel empowered, included, and calmer through my nerdy, collaborative style and from taking a tailored herbal formula that acknowledges the interconnectedness of their mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re looking for a powerful collaboration to feel more embodied, calmer, and more in your center, book your Curiosity Call

I can’t begin to explain the relief I felt from the first time we met. Literally like a cold cloud had been lifted from my heart, and that warm energy was blanketing me instead. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca for anyone else struggling with mental illness. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me Rebecca, your positive impact on me is immeasurable.

-Rachel, Philadelphia, PA