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Herbs for Fertility & Conception

Fertility Herbs for Every Phase of Your Queer Conception Journey

You start out excited to have a baby. You’ve talked to friends about their journies and realized how much there is to learn. As you start to dig for resources, sperm banks, midwives, acupuncturists and fertility specialists, BIPOC and Queer-affirming options seems so limited. You long for a place where you are accepted, safe and understood because even most fertility providers don’t understand what it’s like to be you and trying to conceive. You want the experts to tell you what to expect and what you need to know, but affirming care isn’t easy to come by.

I help Queer, Trans, and GNC solo parents, couples, and polycules in the beginning decision phase of their fertility treatment to know their options, continue feeling excited while getting their minds and bodies prepared for in-home insemination, IUIs, or (Reciprocal) IVF. 

Preparing For Pregnancy With an LGBT Fertility Expert

Then there is the actual process of “Trying To Conceive” or TTC. Once you’ve decided how you want to start TTC, you realize it takes a lot of time and mental-emotional (and physical) energy. With cycle tracking for in-home insemination or IUIs; getting on medications like Clomid or using a trigger shot, or starting the hormones for IVF (or Reciprocal IVF), there is so much to track and understand. You’ve even been told that it will be an emotional rollercoaster, as though there is nothing you can do about it but just get through it. Does it have to be miserable? Mood swings and wanting to lash out at your loved ones aren’t your norm and you wish there was an easier way. 

Queer Conception Support from A Queer Fertility Specialist

As a licensed acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a Queer non-binary parent, I will take the guesswork out of this process. We’ll use herbal medicine and other evidence-based methods to help you through the emotions, improve your egg quality and lining, regulate your cycle so you can predict ovulation with more ease, and decrease the unpleasant side effects of fertility drugs

Through the entire process my clients say it feels so good to actually take care of themselves in this way. The support provided from Queer conception counseling to daily herbal medicine designed just for you, you will discover how much easier it is to navigate the fertility process and its challenges. It can make a huge difference for your mental and physical health as well as be something that brings you and your chosen family or partner(s) closer together.

My fertility clients say that working with me is like having a trustworthy, Queer-loving, fertility-nerd at their side. Someone who sees them as a whole person and uses the full-force of Chinese and evidence-based medicine to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth.

My Trans, Nonbinary, and GNC clients express relief at my use of gender-affirming language to talk about the anatomy of fertility and pregnancy. They say they feel seen, supported, and validated while feeling stronger, more emotionally balanced, and more confident during their fertility journeys. They also appreciate my understanding of GAHT in this process.

Using a customized herbal formula, body-neutral food guidance, and somatic exercises to calm the nervous system, your holistic fertility care plan is built just for you. It builds upon your strengths, sees your mental health as a priority, and supports your chances of conceiving.

If you’re ready to find expert, Queer-forward, whole person guidance through your LGBT fertility journey, book your Curiosity Call.

Rebecca deeply transformed my first prenatal, birth and postpartum experience through their expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. I was two months pregnant when covid hit and frantically sought out virtual health support.  Our work with the acu-phototherapy patches and personalized herbal medicine smoothed out essentially every prenatal symptom I was dealing with. Rebecca taught my partner acupressure points which he used during labor which were game changing. And Rebecca has been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family.  As a bonus, my severe chronic back pain disappeared after our first four sessions together, which is a miracle since I had spent 15 years and thousands of dollars to relieve this pain. I would recommend Rebecca to literally everyone.

-Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA