Vax Ready

Vax Ready

Bringing ease and confidence to your child’s vaccinations. From birth to kindergarten.

Are you anxious about vaccinating your baby or child?

You want the best for them and wonder:

Is giving multiple vaccines all at the same appointment good for them?

Isn’t there a gentler way to do this, that still protects my kid from life-threatening illnesses?

You’ve decided to vaccinate, but don’t know where to turn for evidence-based information.
How do I space out vaccines?
What can I do to prevent serious side effects?
What’s a normal reaction and when should I call my pediatrician?

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

As a parent and a pediatric East Asian Medicine practitioner, I get it.

I am a licensed pediatric acupuncturist in NY, PA, and VT with a specialty pediatric acupuncture clinic in Burlington, VT. I bring East Asian Medicine and evidence-based practices together to help you think through your options, formulate a plan, and feel ease and confidence throughout the 6+ year journey of decision-making that comes along with immunizing your little one.


On top of all that, you may just not be sure that there is anything can CAN do except body feeding or “lollipop”-ing your way through the immunization appointment. 

But hoping for the best doesn’t always work out.

From the panicky feelings that come with not knowing what to do when your kid reacts to a vaccine to facing more serious side effects, being without a plan or resources can be unsafe and can have lifelong implications.

Baby-Bonding for Non-Gestational Parents
Vax Ready

Who’s Vax Ready for?

All parents and parents-to-be. All genders welcome. It’s for people who care about informed consent but need more information and support around their child’s vaccines to do so.

It’s for those of you who want to protect your little ones from serious illnesses, but know, intuitively, that there’s got to be a smarter, safter, gentler way to go about it.

And it’s for parents who want to give their kids protection from Covid-19, and are concerned about vaccine safety. You want a do everything you can to reduce side effects.

What you really want (and deserve) is to be equipped to make an informed choice. 

Imagine having:
  • An understanding of immunizations and how they interact with your little one’s body 
  • Strategies to identify and address your baby or young child’s imbalances BEFORE receiving their vaccine
  • A Homecare plan for the week before, DURING, and the week after the vaccine appointment 
  • A clear understanding of what’s a normal side effect and when to seek medical care 
  • Access to an East Asian Medicine practitioner who specializes in pediatrics through a private community forum
  • An affirming, solid plan to guide you through the process (that you can use for each and every immunization through kindergarten).

The informed, critically thinking parent that you are deserves this.

You CAN BE supported to make fully informed decisions that will impact your babies’ health and wellbeing.

Understand vaccines and how they impact your child’s body.

We will address this on two levels:

Evidence-based (western medicine), and,

East Asian Medicine.

Orienting you in these two schools of thought will help you understand why vax prep is so important.

How-to-guide on the most common infant and childhood imbalances & correcting them

Reduce the risk of potential side effects by supporting your child before going in for vaccination

Homecare guides for before, day of, and after vaccines

Using Chinese medicine basics, support your child’s body and mind to be in an optimal position to encounter this exogenous load.

Suggestions for safe, effective, and easy-to-find herbal remedies

for areas your newborn, infant, or young child needs extra support in

“Rebecca deeply transformed my first prenatal, birth and postpartum experience through her expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. I was two months pregnant when covid hit and frantically sought out virtual health support…she has been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family. As a bonus, my severe chronic back pain disappeared after our first four sessions together, which is a miracle since I had spent 15 years and thousands of dollars to relieve this pain. I would recommend Rebecca to literally everyone.”

Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA


One Payment, One Year  of Access

course access begins right away!

identify common childhood imbalances and support your child through them (before vax)

homecare protocols for before, during, and after vaccine

know how to handle normal vaccine side-effects and when to seek medical care

self-paced, online course

12 months of access